Art Journaling | How to use all the scraps on your craft desk

As an Art Journaler, when art journaling, do you have a desk that is full of scraps? This blog will hopefully give you art journaling inspiration on how to use all the scraps on your craft desk.

I always have a plethora of paper scraps, bits of fabric, embellishments, and other bits and bobs on my desk during and after any craft or journaling project. And I have a problem with getting rid of them, I mean you never know when you could need just that piece of 'something'. You never know when that little bit of yumminess will inspire one of your best creations yet.

So I keep all those little bits in a basket on my craft desk for all the paper scraps, so that if I need a little extra on a page that I can scratch through the hundreds of scraps in that little basket and find just the right one.

I had a customer purchase one of my Fabric Journals as a birthday gift for a good friend. She asked to send the Journal directly to her friend and asked if I would put a little note in with the parcel to wish her a happy birthday.

I know I wanted to create something unique to go with the journal and while sitting at my desk looking at all these yummy scraps I had a brain-wave. And a one-of-a-kind birthday card was the result.

Needless to say she was very happy with both her gift and her card, which to me is why I love creating Journals, that special feeling you get when someone else loves your creation as much as you do.

Hope you enjoy the inspiration to use in your art journal and find a use for all the scraps on your craft desk.