Lost your Dance Mojo, what now? Help get your dance mojo back

What you can do if you have lost your dance mojo.

After many, many years of almost daily dance practice, I haven't danced or thought of dancing for almost 6 months now, I have lost my dance mojo. And does it worry me, for damn sure it does! So I thought I'd dive a little deeper into this feeling and see if I can find my 'why' and then ways of re-igniting the spark! See if they will help get my dance mojo back.

So many reasons

I think there are many reasons that we lose the passion, the drive, the 'want to' feeling. For instance, Life can just get in the way, you know the old adage "Life happens when you a busy making plans". Perhaps you fall out of the habit or routine, your usual class closes, or you injure yourself, your dance buddies are no longer there to drag you to class. Maybe you don't find it challenging anymore, or like a lot of us, the stress of everyday life and work priorities get in the way.

So if you are currently feeling decidedly un-dance-ified then maybe this will help get your dance mojo back.

Don't feel guilty

Whatever your reason, don't feel guilty.

I know that for some of us (sticking my hand up here) we have been so involved in it for so long and have people that depend on us to attend things, we feel guilty when all of a sudden we just don't want to engage.  

But I suppose like with anything you start off full of enthusiasm and excitement, you throw yourself into it with everything, and then over time your enthusiasm starts to wane, you don't get so excited anymore, you move on to other things.

I know as professionals we sometimes feel the pressure to produce all the time, to be perfectionists all the time, be creative all the time. Eventually, you will get to a point where you just can't anymore. Don't force it. Remember 'NO' is a complete sentence.

Find Balance

When we feel like this try and enjoy the time of non-creativity, stop and take in what you have done. Take the time to reload, recharge, find a balance. Even in nature, there is a time for huge growth and creativity (think about trees and flowers, they give their everything in Spring and then die back to replenish in Winter, so they are fresh for the next Spring) and a time to recharge. It's always good to take a page out of Mama Nature's book.

It doesn’t mean that you have stopped loving Dance but right now it just doesn't have priority in your life, for whatever the reason. So what can you do to maybe help get the groove back, get your Dance on again? Well maybe try some of these.

Things to help get re-ignite the spark:

A change is as good as a holiday

Try and look at changing your dance venue/class. Looking for a new teacher, new space and new people might be just the change you need to get things going again.

Maybe take a break

Maybe you need to step back and spend some time sorting through the things going on in your life that may be detracting from your dance practice. Once you have found that balance, dance might come back to you when you need it again.

Dance through it

I know it sounds counter-intuitive but just dance more. We all know that dance is good for stress, it helps with memory and it's definitely brilliant at lifting your mood. So you might just find you dance yourself right back into your groove again.

Try new things

Find new music that speaks to you, start a new playlist of totally different music and listen to it in your car, at the gym, choreograph in your head (I know we all do it!).

Maybe try a new dance style. Ever thought of taking an Adult Ballet class, a Flamenco class, how about Jazz. This will add new spice to your dance repertoire and get you all excited about dance again.

Do a Workshop

There is something to be said about being in a room with 20 or 30 other women who are grooving and dancing, smiling and laughing and just generally enjoying themselves, the space and the company they are in. It's infectious! It will quickly make you realize what you love about dancing in the first place.

Whatever it might be, don't be hard on yourself. Give yourself some time and space. Remember; DANCE WILL ALWAYS WAIT FOR YOU!