The Velveteen Journal Series - a fabric-covered junk journal series

A little look down memory lane and then a peek at The Velveteen Journal Series - a fabric-covered junk journal series. In this blog, I will explain my thinking behind some of the materials used in the Velveteen Journal Series, how I made them and what you can use them for.

As you most probably have surmised I have recently created this website with an online shop. I have always had a love for books, writing, and art. Then I discovered Bullet Journaling and Junk Journals. I fell down the proverbial 'rabbit-hole' and started creating my own Journals. After a couple of friends who I have gifted my journals too, said that I could sell them, I thought 'why not', I love making them and if you are a fellow crafter, you know that we have a tendency to hoard all things pretty and book-related.

An online shop was born

So if I wanted to carry on creating journals and not have them sitting on a shelf, or in a box I needed to do something with them. So the online shop was born, and others out there can enjoy them as much as I do.

I usually make Journals from old book covers that I have thrifted, but I have a stash of fabric from 6 years of belly dance costumes and thought that fabric covers would be something different.

It was great fun scrounging through the box with all the fabric, trims, beads, and old jewelry bits to pull together this series.

A love for velvet

What I discovered was that I seem to have a thing for velvet. So the Velveteen Journal Series was born. I started with 3 creating color schemes based on the pieces of velvet that spoke to me at the time.

So I ended up with a Turquoise and Silver, Black and Silver and Pink and Blue Junk Journal cover.

Collage covers and vintage pages

The Junk Journals are a Regular / Standard size (11x21cm). The covers are a collage of fabric, lace, and trim with an unbleached calico backing (inside cover).

They each have 2 signatures with a whole heap of delicious vintage and tea-dyed papers inside. They are stitched to the cover with a 3 hole pamphlet stitch, so they are pretty sturdy. This is not how I usually bind books, I prefer a hidden spine or Coptic stitch (if I am making art journals) but I thought the pamphlet stitch would suit this style of Journal better.

Plenty of secret pockets and tuck spots

I tried to keep the pockets and tuck spots in the Journals kind of matching the colors of the covers, so selected ephemera and scrapbook cardstock from my stash for each journal before I started putting things together.

The inside of the journals are pretty much identical in the placement of the pockets and tuck spots but the paper clusters and fabric ephemera are unique to the journal. I also made paper clips and dangles that will be unique to each journal and was super excited at how great they looked. Making some more beads and fixings so that I can add some to the shop might be a good idea.

I love using pages that are different sizes and textures because it gives the journals so much more interest. Previous journals I have created were quite plain and to be honest I don't know which I prefer more.

The ephemera and book pages range in age from music pages from 1910 to poetry from the 1930s, stamp catalog pages from the '40s, and diary pages from the 1950s. I can't go past a thrift store / 2nd hand shop without stopping to see if they have any books…..and I running out of space on my bookshelf now.

These Journals are perfect to use for everyday journaling as there is plenty of space for writing. I love using them for Gratitude or Memory Journaling.

I did a flip through of the Pink and Blue Journal which I have linked below if you would like to have a look inside the journal.

A Flip Through of the Pink and Blue Journal from The Velveteen Journal Series

I intend to make a couple of additions to the Velveteen Series, as I still have a couple of other fun scraps of velvet and other sparkly bits that are screaming for me to make them into collage covers. I might even try my hand at matching pencil cases for the journals. What do you guys think?

I hope you enjoyed looking into the creation of these Velveteen Journals. I really enjoyed making them.

Keep a look out on social media for updates on further additions to the series.

Happy creating!